Sesame Pasta

  Sesame Pasta Calcium: Rich in Calcium for strengthening bone density and preventing the bone loss Sesamin: prevents the cartilage and bone loss that occur as a result of menopause. Amino Acid: fights cancer through its antioxidant capacity and it is also beneficial in fat burning. Potassium: stabilizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of […]

Green Rice Pasta

Green Rice Pasta Green Rice: Aromatic rice from non-wheat flour, and recipes made with gluten free alternative flours for allergy sufferers. Beta-carotene: richer containing than white rice, brown rice and glutinous rice. Strengthens immune system and fight cancer through its antioxidant capacity. GABA: its GABA content is enriched than white rice and brown rice up […]

A Story of Thai Green Rice

Green Rice or Kao Mao is the seasonal agricultural food, the meaning of “Mao” is clobber or pounding, Thai people put “Mao” and “Kao (rice)” together which refer to the pound rice sheet, generally use stick rice and white rice as raw material. In addition to being a raw material for making Thai snacks like […]