Healthy Hug company limited
Healthy hug, A hug with love


Products: Sesame Pasta and Green Rice Pasta

  • Business Philosophy: We adhere to the concept of healthy food production and food safety concerned. We strictly use no preservatives, flavoring agent or aromatic substances. We provide the products that everyone in the world can eat.
  • Our intent is to produce the healthy foods for every consumer. We choose our products in place when comes to nutrition research, because we believe that any processing of food can be ensured by the process of inventing, checking, and testing. Therefore, we have put in place strong food safety and quality for consumers.
  • We would like to help consumers have more safe and healthful choices. Moreover, we can help Thai farmers in Ubon Ratchatani province to have sustainable income, as the raw materials used in the production are mainly from the local. And we aim to be a part of food supplier for the whole world.