A Story of Thai Green Rice

Green Rice or Kao Mao is the seasonal agricultural food, the meaning of “Mao” is clobber or pounding, Thai people put “Mao” and “Kao (rice)” together which refer to the pound rice sheet, generally use stick rice and white rice as raw material.

In addition to being a raw material for making Thai snacks like Coconut green rice, fried green rice, Krayasart (Thai sweet made of rice, nut, sugar and cereals), and green rice with coconut milk.  In some areas, people likes to consume green rice by pouring fresh milk or soya milk and sprinkle on top of cake like oat. But they provide different nutrition contents; green rice contains more Beta-carotene, GABA, Vitamin E, Folic Acid, Niacin and Chlorophyll.

According to research and development of Ubonratchathani University which aims to make gluten-free pasta by green rice. Generally, pasta is prepared using dough made from semolina which contains high protein and gluten. Gluten consumption may affect the immune system especially gluten intolerance and cannot digest gluten into the body. The development of the wheat-free pasta (or called as Gluten-free pasta) may not cause gluten allergy and provide a high nutrition content. It is a new alternative for health lovers.